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Tips on how to prevent bikini rash (just as you’re heading to the beach!)

You’re getting ready to head to the beach and decide a quick bikini area shave is in order, however afterward, you look down only to be reminded of pimples on prom night. Now you’re left with the decision to bikini or not to bikini.

Well, while I cannot help you work out your bikini conundrum, I can help with a few tips that will (hopefully) avoid a bikini area breakout in the future. To get started, what you’ve likely experienced is razor burn, which is not to be confused with razor bumps.

Razor bumps: clogged pores from ingrown hairs that when regrowing, curl and grow back into the skin causing bumps that are sometimes red or white and puss-filled. They often show up several days after shaving.

Razor burn: a red rash that results from irritated skin after an aggressive shave or a shave where the skin was not lubricated beforehand. The rash appears almost immediately after shaving.

While most inconvenient along a bikini line, razor rash can be avoided. Shaving with the grain of the hair (as opposed to against the grain) and using a shaving product (or even soap and water) can help prevent the “burn” from appearing.

After shaving, use a moisturizer like grape-seed, jojoba or even tea tree oil to keep the area smooth and clean. Using a scrubbing mitt or cleansing scrub (gently) to exfoliate a few days afterwards will help keep pores clog-free (avoiding potential razor bumps).

Also, consider shaving your bikini area the night before you intend to hit the beach and use a sharp razor (a dull blade will surely leave a rash!). That way, if the rash appears even though you’ve done “everything right”, the red will have time to die down before you make your way to the pool.

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