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100 strokes a night! Is it bad to brush your hair too much?

It was a nightly ritual for many. The 100 brush strokes before bed, that is. Sitting in front of a mirror and counting out 100 brushes was supposed to make hair healthy and shiny, but does it? Does brushing your hair make it healthier? The answer is not so much.

According to Schwarzkopf salon professionals, brushing your hair 100 times a day or night before bed will make your hair shiny, but it doesn’t take that many brush strokes to get the job done. After a few brush-throughs, the oil from your scalp will be distributed through your hair, making it shiny.

Brushing more will not give you more shiny hair. As a matter of fact, continued brushing can cause damage by stretching the hair fiber and making it more porous. Only a few gentle brush strokes are required to pull the natural oils from your scalp through your hair.

Over-brushing, say 100 strokes for example, causes friction which can lead to cuticle damage and hair breakage, giving you the exact opposite results you hoped for. Damaged hair will appear dull and frizzy.

Instead, consider a more natural hair therapy with a relaxing conditioner made from oils that are known to penetrate the hair follicle and leave hair shiny without all the rough brush strokes.

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