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Is chicken soup really good for a cold?

Grandmothers are often the first to suggest chicken soup for a cold, but does chicken soup help with colds?

The truth is while the soup will usually make you feel better, it’s not the chicken in the soup per se that creates that feeling of better.

The reality is eating chicken soup, or any warm liquid when you have a cold, will normally make you feel better. The reason is simple. The warmth of the liquid – soup in this case – helps relieve your sore throat, helps to drain stuffed up sinuses and will warm your insides.

As Mayo Clinic puts it, “Nothing can cure a cold, but there are some remedies that might help ease your symptoms…” which includes soups and hot liquids.

So why then, do people insist that chicken soup cures colds? According to Harvard Health Publishing, a test conducted nearly 20 years ago claimed that “chicken soup inhibits the activity of neutrophilswh — white blood cells that are the “first responders” of inflammation. However, this effect hasn’t been confirmed in controlled studies of adults,” and was considered a claim with no support.

Don’t put down your bowl just yet though. Eating soup when we’re sick provides us with emotional and psychological comfort, which in itself, makes us feel better. So, if you’re still wondering if chicken soup is really good for a cold, the honest answer is although it has no curing affect on the cold itself, it does seem good for the soul.

What soup is good for colds then? Anything you prefer. Again, it’s the sensation of the warmth of the hot liquid that offers the effects and some temporary relief of symptoms, but if you’re in search for firms suggestions on how to beat your current cold, Mayo Clinic suggests a saltwater gargle to relieve sore throat, staying hydrated with water, juice or broth, saline nasal drops to relive stuffiness and of course, a lot of bed rest.

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