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Does vitamin C help get rid of colds?

It truly is one of the oldest at-home remedies that has been passed down. Consuming vitamin C to ward of colds, but many people question whether or not vitamin C really has the fighting power to stop a cold from coming.

For most of us, eating citrus fruits is the answer, especially when we feel the first signs of a cold coming on. Kicking back and eating a healthy dose of oranges, for example, is said to help. Taking vitamin C by tablet is another option to stop the bug from setting in.

The truth is stocking up on vitamin C before you get a cold or as you feel one coming on will not save you from the inevitable sickness. Health experts report studies that goes back years have continually shown that vitamin C has very little effect on the common cold.

When taken after the feeling of a cold has begun, supplements do not make the cold shorter or less severe. Even with a healthy daily dose of vitamin C throughout the year, medical experts have found that the average person may have a cold for one day less than they normally would.

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