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Does putting lemon in water help you lose weight?

Does putting lemon in water help with weight loss? It’s a frequently asked question and one that luckily, comes with a pretty simple answer. While specific studies on lemon water are very limited, it is believed that drinking water, with or without lemons, can give you the feeling of fullness and satisfaction.

In saying that, studies have shown that drinking water before breakfast decreases the amount of total calories consumed in a day by 13 percent. Drinking water with a meal can decrease the feeling of hunger. Drinking water on its own throughout the day has been shown to increase metabolism, especially in overweight children.

Other studies show that drinking water and staying hydrated might enhance fat loss by increasing the breakdown of fats. Since drinking water is a critical component to optimal health, drinking water with or without lemon is a personal choice.

Some benefits of adding lemon to your drinking water are a possible increase in vitamin C, providing 18.6 milligrams of the recommended daily amount of 65 to 90 milligrams for adults. Adding lemons to water can also aid in digestion, help with constipation and help prevent kidney stones.

However, there are others that say there simply is not enough vitamin C in one lemon to make a difference in your vitamin status and that adding lemons to water will not help burn fat at all.

Some side effects to drinking a lot of lemon water, hot or cold, can include heartburn and tooth enamel erosion since lemons are very acidic.

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