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Diet and weight loss patches. What are they and do they work?

Aside from promises of a thinner you, slimming or weight loss patches are blended with everything from green coffee beans to apple cider vinegar. These easy-to-use day or night patches promise to help waste away unwanted pounds by enhancing your body’s fat burning capacity.

How do they claim to accomplish this? Simple. By sticking one of their patches on a hairless area of your body. Most suggest the hip, shoulder or back and a recommended wearing time.

So now that you’ve forked out around $20 for a box of self-sticking automatic weight loss patches and have stuck at least one on a piece of your hairless skin, what next?

Well, according to the slimming patch makers, the patch will either boost your metabolism or, depending on the brand, stop your body from absorbing carbohydrates.

Do they work? Like all dietary supplements, they are not regulated by the FDA, which means rigorous tests and studies have not been conducted to prove that they actually work. The reason. Dietary supplements are not required to meet the same level of standards as prescription medication.

Without the proper studies, there is no way to tell if patches that contain green coffee bean extract, for example, will have the same results in the form of a patch as they do when ingested. Without the proper studies, there is also no way to fully understand their side effects.

Every manufacturer produces their patches with different ingredients, which means side effects would vary. As for their safety, again, they are not FDA regulated so they have not been government tested for safety. Anyone considering a weight loss patch should consult their doctor first.

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