Is it bad for you?

A common health myth’s section dedicated to answering that very question.

Are powdered spices good for you, even expired?

A very common question is are powdered spices good for you? It makes sense since the US is not only the world’s largest spice importer, but also spice consumer averaging 3.7 pounds per person each year. Powdered spices are a staple in most kitchens and include everything from common spices like cinnamon to more ethnic spices like epazote, a ground leaf spice used in Mexican bean dishes. They can be… Read More »Are powdered spices good for you, even expired?

Is dairy really bad for you?

Just imagine where the world would be without ice cream, yogurt and world-class cheeses. These are part of what are considered dairy products that are enjoyed by millions each and every day, but are they good for us? Obliviously, not all dairy is considered equal since not all mammals are raised equally and not all milk processed the same. These are only some of the factors into the discrepancy, depending… Read More »Is dairy really bad for you?

Is eating dirt bad for you?

You may find this to be an odd question, but it’s a serious one given that the average person unknowingly consumes about six pounds of dirt over their lifetime. On top of that, we eat approximately two pounds of insects each year without realizing it. The dirt and insects we consume are naturally found on the foods we eat such as fruit and vegetables and in other common products like… Read More »Is eating dirt bad for you?

Can you get cancer from using a cell phone?

With more than 4.6 billion cell phone users worldwide, a lot of people are wondering if cell phones cause cancer. The use of cell phones has exploded since the 1990s, and along with an increase in the number of cell phones has also been an increase in the amount of use time. American adults spend an average of 3.5 hours per day on their mobile phones, a figure that continues… Read More »Can you get cancer from using a cell phone?

Are air fresheners bad for you?

Ever asked yourself if air freshers can be harmful? Small and convenient, they’re a great way to get rid of stink as well as just freshen up a small space such as your vehicle. If you’re a lover of air freshening products, you’re probably not going to like what follows. Researchers have found that pretty much anything that emits a scent, including all-natural and even organic-labeled products, can be hazardous.… Read More »Are air fresheners bad for you?

Are supplements good for health?

Living in a world where millions rely on a daily dose of multivitamins or other forms of supplements to stay healthy is nothing new. Perhaps this is one reason the dietary supplement industry is a multi-billion dollar business. Catering to people who would rather swallow supplements than eat healthy foods, the dietary supplement industry is worth nearly $200 billion USD. That’s a lot of capsulized vitamins and minerals. The dietary… Read More »Are supplements good for health?

Is vanilla extract harmful?

Vanilla extract is widely used in different types of foods for flavoring and can be bought as an extract, a flavor and clear. You’re here because you’re wondering if vanilla extract is harmful. The answer is generally no, however, it’s best to read the label and buy the best extract you can afford. It’s also important to not confuse vanilla extract with vanilla flavor. Quality, pure vanilla is very expensive,… Read More »Is vanilla extract harmful?