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Is there such a thing as best hangover cures?

Most people who suffer from a hangover experience nausea, fatigue and muscle soreness. If you find yourself in need of the best emergency hangover cure, there are several things you can try.

Anti-inflammatories and even aspirin can help relieve a headache and muscle soreness. It’s important to use anti-inflammatory medication with caution though, when you’re hungover, since they can further irritate your stomach.

Doctors caution against taking acetaminophens for a hangover since it is broken down by your liver (as is the alcohol you drank) and is more susceptible to its toxic effects.

Nibbling on whole or crystallized ginger can also help calm an upset stomach. Antacids are also recommended to deal with an upset stomach as is drinking fluids to rehydrate since alcohol is a diuretic, meaning it increases the amount of urine you pass.

While water itself is not shown to cure a hangover, it could help. Sports drinks that contain electrolytes or rehydration powders may also be helpful, however, there is no science to show that they are effective.

If you can get yourself feeling well enough to eat, eating breakfast can help cure a hangover since some hangover symptoms include low blood sugar levels. Eating can help regulate your blood sugar.

There are no miracle foods that can be eaten to “soak up” the alcohol, but it’s best to choose quality food with protein and carbohydrates. Even a thin soup will prove helpful since they are loaded with vitamins and minerals.

Going “hair of the dog” by consuming more alcohol does not help cure a hangover and neither does drinking coffee. Good food, fluids and rest are your best bets as the best hangover cures.

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