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Are left handed people really smarter?

Maybe you’ve heard this. Maybe not. Maybe you’re a rightie and have had it used against you that left handed people are smarter than their right-handed counterparts. So. Is there any truth to it?

Since it is impossible to know if someone is left or right handed just by looking at them (not to mention more intelligent), studies have been done to determine if intelligence is a matter of handedness.

Some believe that since genetic and environmental factors influence brain development and our choice of being left or right handed is a preference by the brain, that preference to be left handed may also affect the development of brain areas linked to intelligence.

The gist is that being left handed could also somehow be intelligence-related.

A study from 2010, which was one of several conducted on the unanswered mystery of left-handedness and intelligence, found no relation. As a matter of fact, their study found a bit of the opposite. After subjects completed a general cognitive ability (GCA) scale and a test of hand preference/performance, researchers found moderate right handed people had higher GCA scores than those using their left hands.

The same study also found that strong left handers showed a GCA disadvantage. Their study concluded that hand preference has little or no association with cognitive ability, which means lefties are not smarter after all.

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